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360° of Marijuana : comprehensive quarterly articles by Eric Wikman covering aspects as diverse as medicinal properties, health effects, excessive sentencing, and prohibition history
Erowid's Cannabis Journal Articles & Abstracts : Journal references, articles, and abstracts on the history, spiritual use, health effects, chemistry, and pharmacology of cannabis.
High quality hemp ear candles and products : holistic health services and products. reiki energy healing and ear candling
THE CANNABIS EXPERIENCE: Site for all who need cannabis products. Wide selection of marijuana,hash and more. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING from AMSTERDAM
The Lords report

Cannabis Links - UK

Cannabis News UK This site contains articles from the media about many aspects of cannabis issues in the UK, classified byndate, source and subject.
Cannabis UK
Information, links, growing guide and lots of fun stuff about Cannabis
CLCIA Cannabis
Campaigner's On-line Guide Facts and information, arguments, chronology of cannabis, contacts, addresses, law, politics, medicine, activism, industry, pictures, news, articles.
Over 20 years of experience to share with all plant lovers, beginners and professionals alike. Hydroponics has proved itself as the ideal tool for all growers, including the most discriminating urban farmers.
UK based magazine, which includes many alternative topics. GANJA section which is managed by POULO, discussing his views and methods.
Henry the Eighth
New site/magazine containing funnies, facts, news, info.
The Smoking Pear A load of surreal stories involving drugs and otherwise. Also features links to the popular game, Ganja Farmer'
Urban75 good honest drug info from one of the UKs busiest underground activist sites. Also huge resource of arrest information, health guidelines and more!
UK Seed Supplies Reliable cannabis seed distribution - direct from the UK.
Weed City .com A UK based cannabis emporium with disability awareness. Seeds plus accessories sales and distribution.
Basement Lighting + Nottingham UK based growing equipment specialists - need some gear - get it here.
Effetto Serra Amsterdam based site offering seeds ect. (English site).
Growing Marijuana Another Amsterdam based site offering a good 'growing guide' amongst other stuff. (English site).
Buy dutch marijuana seeds Party Sampler Pack of legal herbal buds, herbal mood enhancement and bud from.

cannabis marijuana