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Cannabis Links
  1. THE L.C.A HEAD SHOP A percentage of the profits go to the LCA.
  2. SWEETLEAF GRINDERS The original Sweetleaf herb grinder.
  3. POT AND PAN UN-LTD Makers of Highland rolling papers UK.
  4. MOLTEN GLASS PIPES Finest glass pipes, bubblers and chillums US.
  5. KING BONG Pipes, bongs, skins and things UK.
  6. JACS HEADSHOP Secure online ordering UK.
  7. SWEETLEAF.ORG No relation but links to pipes, tea and Black Sabbath US.
  8. HIGH TIDES Custom made bongs and pipes US.
  9. LOTUS GLASS High quality pipes and bubblers US.
  10. GARDEN STATE MALL Authorised Sweetleaf herb grinder distributors.
  11. HERBYCORP.COM Durable acrylic herb grinders.
  12. VEGETABLE IVORY PRODUCTS Organic hand crafted pipes.
  13. VAPOURISER.COM Don't smoke Vapourise! Buy online UK.
  14. VAPORINFO.COM Vaporiser info and impartial reviews.
  15. PURESATIVA.COM Herb grinders, hemp products, seeds and books.
  16. MOLINO Teakwood, acrylic, nylon and aluminium herb grinders.
  17. THE HEAD SHOP UK based site offering quality products on a secure site.
  18. S.V.T BIZ.COM Wholesale smoking, handicrafts and other related items.
  19. SUPER-SHREDDER Grinders, wholesale or individual with wordwide shipping.
  20. ONE OF A KIND GLASS Hand blown pipes and bongs. Retail or trade UK.
  21. HAPPY GRINDER Tough poly-carbonate grinder. Retail or wholesale.
  22. WELL COOL STUFF Online headshop with secure ordering, based in the UK.
  23. UN SACCO DI CANAPA Grinders, hemp hats and bags. Multi-language Italy.
  24. EL CLANDESTINO Glass pipes, cannabis seeds, vaporisers, based in NL.
  25. KIND GLASS Hand blown pipes made by artists from northern California.
  26. CANNABIS LIGHTERS Green flame lighters with glowing leaf.
  27. THE HEAD SHOP.CO.UK Bongs, pipes, skins, scales, books, videos.
  28. ROLLMATE Roll a perfect joint with this revolutionary keyring.
  29. FIFKA Glass pipes, filter tips and smoking accessories from France.
  30. MARIJUANA VAPORISERS World-wide delivery and secure ordering.
  31. ATZ`S ATTIC Zziggy`s handcrafted pipes. No two pipes are alike.
  32. MIX`N`BALL Buy heavy duty Aluminum grinders online.
  33. PARADOX Smoking devices, accessories and Piercing. UK based.
  34. LIGHTER ART Hand decorated lighters, decide what to have on yours.
  35. 1 PERCENT Pipes, vapourisers, glass bongs & more. US & UK.
  36. BONG SHOP.CO.UK Pipes, bongs, scales, grinders and things UK.
  37. HEMPERIAL GENERAL STORE Lollypop pipes, hash kits, Canada.
  38. GREEN KINGDOM HEMP Retail/wholesale bongs, grinders etc. Canada.
  39. WEED CITY Pipes, bongs, skins, rolling mats, cannabis seeds UK.
  40. HOME BLOWN GLASS Affordable glass smokeware and art US.
  41. HEADSHOP.COM Online shop offering a selection of products US.
  42. LAZYSMOKER.COM Stop hot rocks with this smoking device.
  43. WILLY BANJO Bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, seeds UK.
  44. WILLY BANJO WHOLESALE As above but wholesale UK.
  45. BUDPIPS Online headshop with cannabis seed sales UK.
  46. SMOKING JOES PIPES Online sale of papers, pipes, screens, etc USA.
  47. WACKYBONGS Online headshop, London UK.
  48. GROWMYOWN.COM Seeds, grinders, skins, pipes UK.
  49. CORNISH-PIPELINE Specialist pipes and hookahs UK.
  50. BARGAIN-BONGS.COM Bongs, pipes, seeds, Glasgow UK.
  51. ACES SMOKESHOP Bongs, pipes, cannabis seeds, grinders UK.
  52. TZINORIT.COM Pipes, disposable bongs, hookahs, accessories.
  53. SMOKING PIPES Wholesale sellers of smoking hardware, INDIA.
  54. HEAD MANIA Scales, papers, pipes and accessories SCOTLAND.
  55. SMOKEYS Bongs, Pipes, Papers, Seeds etc. Fast and Discreet UK.
  56. CHUFFED HEADSHOP Pipes, bongs, seeds and grow equipment UK
  57. HEMPSTER.COM Seeds, bongs, fresh boxes, rolling trays UK.
  58. E-PARAFERNALIA Everything from grow kit to hemp clothes ESPANIA.
  59. SENSIES GREEN KARMA On-line headshop Evesham UK.
  60. EAST WEST HEAD SHOP Bongs, pipes, grinders, seeds, Guildford UK.
  61. WOLF PRODUCTIONS Rolling trays, stash boxes.
  62. VAPORSTAR.CO.UK Transform your glass pipe into a vaporiser.
  63. GROWHIGH.CO.UK Bongs, scales, pipes, hookahs, seeds etc UK.


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