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cannabis marijuana         Lords report recommends cannabis
London, March 23rd: Cannabis should be legalised for use in certain medicines, a House of Lords report has recommended.
Cannabis should be legalised for use in certain medicines, a House of Lords report has recommended.
Research into developing cannabis based drugs should be also be speeded up, said the report. The science and technology committee said people who take cannabis to ease the symptoms of debilitating conditions such as multiple sclerosis should not have to live in fear of being prosecuted for using cannabis.

Although it would not encourage smoking cannabis, the committee said it was "undesirable" to prosecute genuine therapeutic users who possess or use Cannabis for their own use. It also hit out at the Medicines Control Agency for dragging its feet over the licensing of new drugs.

The MCA is insisting that new data is made available on the possible toxic effects of cannabis. But peers said additional data was unnecessary because cannabis has been used in medicine for hundreds of years. They complained the slow pace of studies and the stigma surrounding cannabis was holding back research.

Claire Hodges, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, said the Lords report was encouraging. She said: "At the moment, the law is nonsense. "People are prosecuted for using Cannabis thats something that eases their pain and distress which is appalling."

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